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New Equipment Gallery - Jan. 18, 2009


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Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series
Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series H1

The H1 model from the Heavy Putter Mid-Weight series.

Courtesy of Boccieri Golf; used with permission
The Heavy Putter models we've seen previously have all been, well, heavy. Much heavier than traditional putters. Previous Heavy Putter models have checked in around 900 grams, compared to most traditional putters weighing in the neighborhood of 500 grams.

Maybe you want extra weight in your putter, but found the previous Heavy Putter models just a little too heavy for your preferences.

Fear not. Now Heavy Putter, by Boccieri Golf, has the Mid-Weight Series. Their weight falls between traditional putters and previous Heavy Putters. Each of these putters weighs 750 grams. As described in the company news release:

  • CX2: Classic blade design; plumbers-neck hosel with a full shaft offset allows for a balanced putter face. Similar to the company's popular C2-Deep Face; available in LH.

  • H1/H3: Medium-size mallet; high MOI rating for forgiveness on off-center hits. Features a thin face to improve feel at impact; available in both heel (H3) and center-shafted (H1) models with a striking parabola channel alignment aid.

  • J2: Deeper flanged blade offers the forgiveness of a mallet with a sleek top-line; plumbers-neck hosel for a full shaft offset and balanced face.

  • K4: Classic "toe-droop" blade with thin top line; half-shaft offset on heel-mounted hosel aimed at those who prefer a putter that swings with rotation.

  • L3: Traditional small mallet; double-bend shaft produces a half-shaft offset, a unique three-line alignment system centers and frames while a thin-face design promotes crisper feel at impact, improves MOI.

Each is available in standard, mid and long lengths, and each carries an MSRP of $169. All are available in either a black PVD or silver satin finish. Visit www.heavyputter.com for more info.

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