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New Equipment Gallery - Dec. 25, 2012


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Nike 20XI Golf Balls (2013 Models)
Nike New 20XI Golf Balls for 2013
© Nike Golf
We need more cowbell! No, wait: Actually, we need more RZN. That's according to Nike Golf, which has added more RZN to its 20XI golf ball, creating the 2013 model of its premium ball.

What is RZN? It's a proprietary Nike Golf technology that, the company says, results in a lighter, faster core. And using more of it within the construction of the 2013-model Nike 20XI golf ball - specifically, more within the core, plus in a mantle layer - results, Nike says, in more distance, more accuracy and resistance to wind, but a softer feel and more control in scoring clubs.

The company's internal tests using its tour players show that the 20XI increased those players' ball speed by 2-3 mph relative to the Nike ball they were previously using.

The lighter core also moves more weight to the perimeter, creating a higher moment of inertia. Yes, MOI applies to golf balls, too, and a higher MOI means more resistance to twisting - e.g., lower driver spin (a good thing for distance). The softer feel helps with control and short-game performance.

Two versions for the 2013 model become available at retail on Feb. 1, 2013. The Nike 20XI is targeted to golfers who want that improved feel and control in the short game. The 20XI X adds more distance. Both are called "tour models" by Nike Golf, and will have a street price of $45.99 per dozen. nikegolf.com

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