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New Equipment Gallery - Dec. 25, 2012


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Callaway X Hot Irons
Callaway X Hot Irons

A Callaway X Hot 6-iron; the company is also making an X-Hot Pro set.

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Callaway Golf calls its X Hot set "aggressive irons" that produce "measurable distance gains" over previous generation Callaway irons. And the company also offers the X Hot Pro version for lower-handicap golfers. Both sets reach retail on Jan. 25, 2013.

X Hot Irons

In the X Hot irons, Callaway takes the "Speed Frame Face Technology" it's been using in its drivers and utilized it in irons. That tech is designed to create a better transfer of energy from clubface to golf ball, thereby boosting ball speed and distance performance.

These irons also use a Deep Undercut Cavity design to move the center of gravity lower (helping with launch) and move the "hottest" part of the clubface lower, as well.

The X Hot irons also incorporate "Feel Management Technology" in the back of the clubhead, for crisper feel and sound.

The stock shaft is the True Temper Speed Step 85 Lightweight Steel Shaft, with other options available. The initial price is $699 with steel shafts and $899 with graphite shafts.

X Hot Pro Irons

The X Hot Pro irons are designed with Callaway's new "J-Face Dynamics," a clubface tech intended to appeal to better golfers with its blend of power and feel.

Callaway is also using in this stainless steel iron set a groove technology, 20-degree Close Spaced V Grooves, that is normally used in forged irons. Callaway says these grooves help create more backspin - up to 1000rpm more - compared to previous generation irons.

The introductory price for the X Hot Pro irons is $799 with steel shafts and $999 with graphite shafts.

And Hybrids

Complementing the new iron sets are X Hot and X Hot Pro hybrids, which include a modern Warbird sole plate with heel and toe relief to increase versatility. The stock shaft for both models is the Project X Velocity.

The X Hots come in 3, 4, 5 and 6 hyrids; the X Hot Pros, which have a smaller clubhead, come in lofts of 16, 18, 20 and 23 degrees. Both are priced at $179. callawaygolf.com

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