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New Equipment Gallery - Dec. 12, 2009


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Cleveland Golf Junior Series Sets
Cleveland Junior Series Set
© Cleveland Golf; used with permission
The Junior Series from Cleveland Golf are youth clubs in three sizes, for boys and girls ages 3-14. Each set comes in a lightweight stand bag that has a 5-pocket layout, integrated hip pad and dual carry strap. The three sizes are:

Golfers between 36 and 46 inches tall (approximately ages 3-6). Set includes driver, iron and putter (right hand only).

Golfers between 47 and 56 inches tall (approximately ages 7-10). Set includes driver, hybrid, iron, wedge and putter (right hand only).

Golfers between 57 and 66 inches (approximately ages 11-14). Set includes driver, hybrid, two irons, wedge and putter (available in RH and LH).

The MAP is $119 for small, $149 for medium and $179 for large. For more info, visit clevelandgolf.com.

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