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New Golf Equipment Gallery - Nov. 1, 2012


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Orlimar Tour 2 Irons
Orlimar Tour 2 Irons
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Orlimar was once a hot brand in golf and on tour, mostly for its fairway metals. The brand has been sold a few times since its heyday - it's now owned by King Par - but Orlimar is still around. The Tour 2 irons are the latest offering to carry the Orlimar name.

The Orlimar Tour 2 irons are aimed at low-handicappers who want a blade-like look and performance qualities, but with a bit more forgiveness. To that end, the Tour 2 irons are forged and have a "cavity muscle back," a shallow cavity. Orlimar says that allows "just enough perimeter weighting for forgiveness on less than perfect shots."

Some of the ways the Tour 2 irons carry on the traditional blade appearance are their thin toplines and thin soles, and minimal offset. The clubheads are nickel chrome-plated.

The Orlimar Tour 2 irons come in right-handed only, with a set configuration of 3-PW. The shaft options include True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 and R300. The MSRP is $799.99. orlimar.com

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