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adidas Tour360 4.0 Golf Shoes
adidas Tour360 4.0 Golf Shoes
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Stability is the name of the game in the adidas Tour360 4.0 golf shoes. The golf shoes debuted on the feet of adidas tour staff playing the 2009 Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, and for a short time after were available exclusively in Las Vegas (other markets soon to follow).

It makes sense that, other things being equal, the lower the feet are to the ground the more stable a person will be. (Think of high heels: the higher the heel, the wobblier the walker.) The adidas Tour360 4.0 shoes cut the height of the outsole and cleats by a third.

The system is called "THiNTech" by adidas, which worked with cleatmaker Pride Sports in developing the new outsole, new cleat, and new cleat-attachment system. The result, adidas says, is that the golfer is 32-percent closer to the ground compared to traditional outsole/cleat/attachment system specs.

The adidas Tour360 4.0 golf shoes come in five color schemes and are offered in medium and wide widths. A two-year waterproof warranty is included in the MSRP of $180 per pair. For more info, visit adidasgolf.com.

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