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New Golf Clubs Gallery - Oct. 3, 2012


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Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons and Combo Set
Cobra Baffler Hybrid Irons Combo Set
© Cobra Puma Golf
When the original Baffler hybrids were introducted in 1975, they included "rails" on the soles to help the club cut through thick lies and guide the club through clean lies. Now Cobra Golf is introducing the Baffler Hybrid Irons, which can also be combined with the hybrids to produce the Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo Set.

And the Baffler Hybrid Irons also have the railed soles, not that common on irons or even iron-style hybrids, to reduce turf drag and improve playability from a wider variety of lies.

The Baffler Hybrid Irons target a high laungh angle, distance and forgiveness for a super-game improvement iron.

If the golfer prefers a full set of irons, the Baffler Hybrid Irons set comes in 4-PW, with gap wedge also available, in steel or graphite shafts; a graphite-lite shaft is also available and a sand wedge is additional with that shaft. The MAP is $499 with steel shafts or $599 with the graphite or graphite-lite shafts.

Or the golfer can choose to replace the long irons with Baffler hybrids, creating the Baffler Hybrid Iron Combo set. That set comes with steel-shafted irons/graphite-shafted hybrids (MAP: $599), with 4, 5 and 6 hybrids in place of those irons; or, all the clubs can be graphite-shafted ($699).

The men's clubs are gray with red highlights; women's clubs are blue with silver highlights. The sets come in right- and left-handed, and reach retail outlets on Oct. 19th, 2012. cobragolf.com

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