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New Equipment Gallery - Sept. 4, 2012


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Odyssey ProType Black Putters
Odyssey ProType Black Putter, model No. 9

The #9 model of Odyssey's ProType Black putter series.

© Callaway Golf
The new line of putters from Odyssey Golf includes three premium-priced models. The line is called the ProType Black series.

The Odyssey ProType Black putters are all-black: black PVD finish on the putter heads; black powder coat steel shafts; and black grip.

The putter heads are milled from 1025 carbon steel for a softer feel compared to stainless steel. The clubfaces have a deeply milled pattern designed to provide extra "grab" at impact, helping create a truer roll.

Odyssey refers to these putters as its "coolest, most premium designs," and calls the all-black look "stealthy."

The three models include a 2-Ball version. All three arrive at retail outlets on Oct. 12, 2012. The blade-like #2 and #9 models have MSRPs of $269 each; the 2-Ball model has an MSRP of $299. odysseygolf.com

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