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New Golf Equipment Gallery - July 4, 2012


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GoBe Golf Shoes
GoBe Golf Shoes

Shoes from the GoBe Golf 2012 women's line (top) and men's GoBe Rebel line (bottom).

© GoBe Golf
GoBe Golf is a new footwear company offering men's and women's lines of golf shoes for 2012. The company's shoes are spikeless, with the GoBe "Talon Stars and Bars" traction pattern on the soles. It consists of dozens of raised 5-pointed stars for traction, along with several sets of vertical and horizontal bars to help the golfer maintain lateral pressure and good weight placement.

GoBe Golf shoes are designed with low-profile European lasts; lightweight, water-resistant performance uppers; and the moisture-wicking "GoBe Dry" liner. The foot bed has a deep heel cup to help prevent sliding around inside the shoe, but a roomier toe area.

Multiple color schemes are offered for both men and women. The men's line starts with three casual saddle styles, which carry MSRPs of $159. The women's line begins with two contemporary styles, which carry MSRPs of $139.

The GoBe Golf shoes reach green grass pro shops in July 2012, and can also be purchased on the company's website, gobegolf.com.

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