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New Golf Equipment Gallery - July 4, 2012


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Ferrari Golf Collection by Cobra Puma Golf
Cobra Ferrari Driver
© Cobra Puma Golf
A $2,000 driver, a $600 pair of shoes, a $2,400 golf bag? Yes, those are luxury prices. And they are some of the retail prices of items included in the ultra-premium Ferrari Golf Collection, a collaboration between the legendary automaker and Cobra Puma Golf.

The line includes driver, footwear, apparel and accessories, all emblazoned with both the Cobra and/or Puma logos plus the Ferrari logo including the metal Ferrari horse applique. All are made with premium materials, such as the Poltrana Frau Leather from which the golf bag is made, the same leather found in Ferrari GT cars. Those are the keys to the collection's prices - premium materials and Ferrari cachet.

Apparel in the collection includes both mercerized and tech performance polos; jacket and sweater. In addition to the golf bag, other accessories include a belt, duffel bag and shoe bag, and umbrella. The driver is the only golf club included at the time of the collection's launch.

The Cobra Ferrari Driver, Cobra Golf says, is the result of a collaboration between Cobra's golf engineers and Ferrari's aerodynamics engineers. The Ferrari engineers spent time studying Cobra's ZL Encore driver and suggested aerodynamic changes. The resulting multi-material clubhead reduces drag, increases clubhead speed and ball speed, according to Cobra.

The driver comes with a hand-stitched leather grip and a headcover made from Ferrari's signature leather. The shaft is a premium Fujikura Motore Speeder.

The high-end retailers carrying the Ferrari Golf Collection by Cobra Puma Golf - which includes both golf retailers, Ferrari stores and other high-end stores - can be found at ferrarigolfcollection.com. The ultra-premium collection started selling at retail in July 2012.

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