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New Equipment Gallery - June 30, 2009


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Adams Speedline 9032LS Driver
Adams Speedline 9032LS Driver

The "scoops" on the toe and heel of the Adams Speedline 9032LS Driver are 50-percent larger than on the original Speedline.

Photo © Adams Golf
The Adams Speedline line of clubs are built with clubhead aerodynamics in mind. If a clubhead creates less drag and airflow turbulence, the company says, that means the golfer can swing that club a litter bit faster.

How much faster? Adams claims the aerodynamics of the clubhead on its new Adams Speedline 9032LS driver lead to a swing speed increase of 3-4 mph, which in turn produces an extra 3-9 yards of carry.

The Speedline 9032LS driver includes a clubface 17-percent larger than the previous generation Speedline driver. And the company says this model creates less spin off the clubface - 10-percent less, another distance-enhancing element.

Also, the 9032LS boasts VooDoo NV graphite shafts with Score Technology, and Adams says this is the first appearance of that new shaft in the retail market.

The Adams Speedline 9032LS drivers ship to retailers beginning July 1, 2009, with an MSRP of $469.99. Visit adamsgolf.com for more info.

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