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New Golf Equipment Gallery - May 15, 2012


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Golf Rules Quick Reference App
Golf Rules Quick Reference App - iGolfRules

Screenshots from the Golf Rules Quick Reference app, formerly known as "iGolfrules."

© iGolfrules.com
Yves C. Ton-That is a golf rules official and author who has written some of the best "plain English" golf rules books and explainers. Those include Golf Rules Quick Reference pocketbook, plus the earlier Golf Rules & Etiquette Crystal Clear (read review). Both books do a great job of breaking down the often complex rules of golf into easier to understand language and illustrations.

That was also the job of the original iGolfrules app, which debuted three years ago. Now, that app is updated with a new name - Golf Rules Quick Reference - along with the new 2012-15 golf rulebook.

The app incorporates interactive image sequences for step-by-step explanations of procedure; animated video sequences; and the "Relief Finder," a tool designed to tell you whether you are entitled to a free drop.

The app is designed to provide an answer to rules questions within three clicks.

The Golf Rules Quick Reference app is available now for iPhones from the iTunes app stor for $9.99. Versions for Android and Windows phones will be released soon. iGolfrules.com

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