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New Golf Equipment Gallery - May 15, 2012


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Odyssey Flip Face Putter
Odyssey Flip Face Putters

The #1 model (left) of Odyssey Flip Face putters showing the rotatable face; and, right, the #9 model with the Metal-X face turns rearward (the White Ice insert facing forward).

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So you're interested in buying an Odyssey putter. But do you want one with a Metal-X face insert, or one with a White Ice insert? Decisions, decisions ... only now, with the Odyssey Flip Face Putter, you don't have to decide. Because these putters have both face inserts.

The Metal-X and White Ice inserts are on opposite sides of the putter face, and the golfer rotates the face 180-degrees (end-over-end) in order to switch to the different face insert. In other words, you flip the face.

How? Say you have the Flip Face configured to putt with the Metal-X insert, but for the next round you decide you prefer the feel of the White Ice. Using a Callaway "screwdriver" that doubles as a ballmark tool, the golfer loosens a single screw on the putter clubhead. That loosens the putter face, allowing you to flip it over to the other side. Tighten the screw and you're back in business.

The Odyssey Flip Face putter comes in three models:

  • #1: Rounded heel-toe weighted blade with crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset.
  • #5: Rounded mallet with single bend shaft and full-shaft offset.
  • #9: Toe-weighted, heel-shafted, flanged blade with long hosel and half-shaft offset.

All three models come with Lamkin 3GEN Pistol Grip standard. The introductory price is $349. odysseygolf.com

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