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New Equipment Gallery - April 18, 2010


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Scramble Scoop Golf Ball Retriever
Scramble Scoop Golf Ball Retriever
© Scramble Scoop; used with permission
How about a golf ball retriever designed specifically for use from a moving golf cart? That's what the Scramble Scoop is.

It's makers - as you might guess from its name - pitch it for use during scrambles, when members of a team might want to speed up by play by "scooping" up balls and moving them up to the position of the shot that is being used for the team. A drive-by scooping, so to speak.

But the Scramble Scoop might appeal to any cart golfers who deal with achy joints and prefer to keep to a minimum the number of times they have to bend down to pick up the golf ball.

The Scramble Scoop, which is telescoping and can fit into a golf bag or the "glove box" of the golf cart, is currently available at scramblescoop.com for $19.95.

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