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New Equipment Gallery - March 22, 2010


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Clearview Putter
Clearview Putters
© Clearview Putters; used with permission
A new company has a radically new look for putters: see-through.

Clearview Putters are constructed from clear acrylic. The design is built around what the company calls its "Dual-Line Alignment System" - alignment aids on the top and bottom of the putter head. Given that the head is see-through, the lines on the bottom are also visible.

But the idea is to make the bottom lines disappear. As the golfers stands over the putter, two red lines on the bottom of the putter will disappear, the company says, beneath the black and green lines on the top of the putter head if the golfer has the putter head square to the target line.

The company recommends golfers draw a black line on their golf balls to "extend" the black alignment line on top of the putter head at set-up. The company also says the alignment system and see-through head combine to provide feedback on eye position, hand position and other putting fundamentals. Several video clips on ClearviewPutter.com offer ways the putter can also be used for training.

Adjustable weights are included; an offset shaft is an option, as are standard, upright or flat lie angles. At the time of writing, the price on the company Web site was $159. clearviewputter.com

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