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New Equipment Gallery - March 22, 2010


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Cobra S2 Max Irons and Iron-Hybrid Set
Cobra S2 Max Irons Hybrids
Courtesy Acushnet Company; used with permission
Cobra Golf's S2 Max Irons are game-improvement clubs for mid- to high-handicappers. They are available as a set including 4-iron through GW; or as a blended set of irons and hybrids (3H, 4H, 5H plus 6-PW).

The hybrids are modeled on the Cobra Baffler and the iron-hybrid set is an option for golfers who want to get those pesky long irons out of the bag.

The S2 Max irons are wide-sole, low-profile irons with a center of gravity positioned low and deep to maximize forgiveness and launch conditions. The sole is also contoured to improve turf interaction from a variety of lies.

The irons and hybrids are available with high-launch Aldila DVS-HL graphite shafts or lightweight FST steel shafts, plus in women's and seniors' Aldila DVS-HL graphite shafts.

Sets including only the S2 Max irons (4-GW) carry an MSRP of $500 with steel shafts and $630 with graphite shafts. The iron-hybrid sets have MSRPs of $776 in graphite and $632 in steel. Women's and seniors Cobra S2 Max iron-hybrid sets are configured with 4, 5 and 6 hybrids, plus 7-SW irons, with an MSRP of $776. cobragolf.com

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