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New Equipment Gallery - March 5, 2012


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Sun Mountain Torrent Rain Gear
Sun Mountain Torrent Jacket

The Torrent rain jacket from Sun Mountain in "titanium" color.

© Sun Mountain
The Torrent collection from Sun Mountain offers wind and rain protection in a breathable, stretchable fabric.

The woven fabric has a four-way stretch; a waterproof but breathable membrane is laminated onto the woven fabric; and a liner is sewn on the interior to protect the membrane and to prevent catching on the golfer's clothing.

The Sun Mountain Torrent collection comes in full-zip jacket and pants for both men and women. A Torrent LT version is a lighter weight for men that comes in jacket, half-zip pullover and short-sleeve pullover plus pants. Both Torrent and Torrent LT pieces carry 2-year waterproof warranties, and prices range from $119 to $164.

Other features on the Torrent Jacket include expansion pleats on the back, adjustable hems and cuffs and hand-warmer pockets. The Torrent pants have an elastic waist with cinch adjustment, snaps at the hems for length adjustability, and lower-leg zippers. sunmountain.com

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