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New Equipment Gallery - March 5, 2012


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Fourteen Golf TC-610 Women's Irons
Fourteen Golf TC-610 Back
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The TC-610 Irons from Fourteen Golf are designed to help women gain distance.

Most women's golf sets focus on design characteristics that help get the ball airborne, and the TC-610 set is no different. A deep, undercut cavity and wide soles help deepen the center of gravity, promoting a higher launch angle. Improve launch angle and you'll generally improve distance, too.

Distance is also addressed through the lofts, which are strengthened throughout the set. For example, the 7-iron is 28 degrees and the pitching wedge is 42 degrees.

The TC-610 set configuration is 7-iron through A-wedge, but 4-, 5- and 6-irons can be purchased separately.

The clubheads have a simple, clean look, with a mid-sized profile, and a nickel chrome satin finish on the face. The stock shaft is an MD-370 JL Carbon Graphite Shaft. fourteengolf.com

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