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New Equipment Gallery - March 5, 2012


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Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Irons
Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Irons
© Tour Edge Golf
The Exotics XCG5 line of clubs from Tour Edge Golf debuted late in 2011 with the XCG5 driver and XCG5 fairway woods. Now joining the line are the XCG5 irons (plus hyrids, featured on the following page).

The Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 irons, compared to the previous generation Exotics irons (the XCG4), have a deeper undercut cavity. The XCG5s also boast four tungsten weights in the clubhead, rather than just two.

These elements help lower and deepen the center of gravity and boost forgiveness on off-center strikes. The XCG5 irons also have, Tour Edge says, the company's thinnest face to date at 2.2mm, but that thickness varies across the face to help again on off-center contact.

There are also a couple adjustments from the previous-generation set designed to improve versatility and shotmaking: less offset and thinner soles.

A 7-piece Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 irons set ranges from $499 to $599, depending on shaft selection. Among the shaft options are Fujikura Blue in graphite; or steel shafts True Temper Dynalite 90, Rifle Project X and KBS Tour. They come in both right- and left-handed, men's and women's. touredge.com

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