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New Equipment Gallery - March 1, 2010


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Ogio Fred Couples Travel Collection
Ogio Fred Couples Collection

The Monster Golf Travel Bag is in the middle of the Fred Couples Travel Collection.

© Ogio; used with permission
The Fred Couples Signature Travel Collection from Ogio is a multi-piece set of luggage that ranges from a backpack to a "monster" golf travel bag. What does Fred Couples have to do with luggage? Well, Fred is cool.

“We worked with Fred personally to bring his cool and easygoing nature" to the line, said Ogio's VP of golf, Tom Gocke, describing the gear as both effortless and stylish, "like Fred Couples."

That's the branding; what about the luggage itself? Golfers will care most about the Monster Golf Travel Bag (MSRP: $299.99) that can fit any golf bag up to a Tour bag. It comes with extra protection around the base, padded ballistic nylon and tarpaulin exterior, and oversized wheels.

Other pieces in the collection range from a messenger bag and backpack to various sized rolling duffel bags, and in price from $110 to to $250. The collection hits retail stores in April 2010. www.ogio.com

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