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New Equipment Gallery - Feb. 10, 2010


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Ogio 2010 Lightweight Stand Bags
Ogio Decibel Lightweight Stand Bag

Ogio's red Decible lightweight stand bag.

© Ogio; used with permission
Is it possible for an ultra-lightweight golf bag to be too light? Ogio says yes, and that's why the golf bag maker has decided to set a lower limit on the weight of its stand bags.

"Though we are fully capable of making full-featured golf bags that weigh in less than 3.5 pounds, we’ve determined that the sacrifices in durability and construction were too great to move forward in that category," Ogio's global vice president of golf, Tom Gocke, is quoted as saying in a company press release.

So Ogio's 2010 lightweight stand bags all check in at slightly above 3.5 pounds, but the company claims that small amount of "extra" weight leads to better performance and durability.

Among the models in the 2010 Ogio stand-bag lineup are the Decibel ($140), Wire ($110) and an updated Ozone ($170). All come in multiple color schemes; the Decibel and Ozone have 9-inch tops and the Wire a 7-inch top. www.ogio.com

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