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New Equipment Gallery - Feb. 8, 2012


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Dead Aim Putter
Dead Aim Putter

If the two lines - one on top of the putter head, one on the bottom piece - don't match up, the golfer knows his set-up is off.

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A lot of golfers just don't set up correctly over putts. We can all agree on that, right? Our aim might be off; or if we are aimed properly, we might not have the face square; or maybe our hands or heads are in a bad position.

Dead Aim Putters is a new company aiming to attack those problems through its Dead Aim Putter, a putter which can also double as a training aid through a laser attachment.

The inaugural Dead Aim Putter is a mallet (a belly version is planned) that uses a patented sightline system to alert the golfer to problems with his or her setup. The top of the putter head has three holes in it, with a white siteline running from the back of the putter to the front. Below, on the bottom panel of head, is another siteline visible through the holes. The bottom siteline also has three dots along its length.

If the golfer sets up with his eyes not over the aim line for the given putt, then the bottom line on the Dead Aim Putter clubhead won't match the top line - as in the photo above. The golfer will see two lines. If the golfer's eyes are in the correct position, he'll see one unbroken line, as the top and bottom lines match up.

And the dots? If set up correctly, the dots will appear in the centers of their corresponding circles. But if the golfer's hands are too far forward or too far back, the dots will move toward the left or right edges of their respective circles.

The laser training attachment slots into the holes on the top of the Dead Aim Putter clubhead. A golfer can aim the laser at a target - the cup on a straight putt - and practice keeping the laser pointed on target during the swing in order to groove a back-and-through stroke.

At the time this is written, putters on the Dead Aim website (deadaimputters.com) are priced at $149.95 for the 3D mallet; the 3-DB - a belly putter version -- will sell for $189.95 when it becomes available. Sold separately, the laser attachment is priced at $39.95; it can also be purchased as a combo with the putter ($179.95 for the 3D mallet/laser combo). See the website for more info.

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