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New Equipment Gallery - Jan. 15, 2012


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Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Woods
Adams Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Woods

Sole and address views of an Adams Speedline Fast 12 3-wood showing the 'Velocity Slot Technology.'

© Adams Golf
The Adams Speedline Fast 12 fairway woods (read review) include a second-generation design of Adams Golf's "Velocity Slot Technology" (VST). The first generation of VST appeared in the Speedline Fast 11 and included slots back from the clubface in the crown. The result, Adams said, was a clubface with more flex, and therefore more rebound - more ball speed, more distance, in other words.

What is second-generation VST? A slot within the slot. In the Fast 12 fairway woods, Adams uses slot-within-a-slot VST in both the crown and sole (just behind the clubface, as visible in the images above), and, the company says, this configuration leads to even more face compression than with the original VST.

The slot on the crown is also designed to flex more than the slot on the sole, which Adams says leads to a higher launch angle without any increase in spin.

The Adams Speedline Fast 12 fairway woods reach retail outlets on Jan. 26, 2012, with MSRPs of $249.99 per club. They have satin silver crowns with the Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue featuring Speed Coat Technology graphite shaft standard.

The woods come in 3+, 3 and 5 for right-handers and 3- and 5-woods for lefties. A draw-bias model - the Speedline Speedline Fast 12 Draw - is offered in 3 and 5 (RH/LH) plus 7 (RH only); and Women’s Speedline Fast 12 Fairway Woods come in 3 and 5 (RH/LH) plus 7-wood (RH only). adamsgolf.com

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