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New Equipment Gallery - Jan. 13, 2010


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UST Mamiya Attas International Series Shafts
UST Mamiya Attas International Series Shafts
© UST Mamiya; used with permission
The Attas International Series shafts are ultra-premium shafts from UST Mamiya whose name - Attas - derives from a Japanese exclamation. Gene Simpson, chief operating officer for UST Mamiya, explained that the name comes from the Japanese "AH-TAAS!" meaning "brilliant."

Shafts in the UST Mamiya Attas line feature high-modulus prepreg throughout the butt, mid and tip sections, improving feel and performance, the company says. Stiffness, hoop strength and torsional resistance are optimized, UST Mamiya says, through a proprietary process "of weaving specific high-modulus carbon fibers in the critical four axis directions ... all in a single ply."

Feel and feedback are addressed in a constant-taper design and by using less resin in the mid and tip sections.

The UST Mamiya Attas International shafts come in flexes of R2, R, S and X; in weights from 53 to 99 grams; in 46-inch length; and with a 0.335-inch parallel tip. MSRP is $350. Visit ustmamiya.com for more info.

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