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New Equipment Gallery: Jan. 1, 2014


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Orlimar Tad Moore Signature Putters
Orlimar Tad Moore Putters 2014

Two of the four models in the Tad Moore Signature Putters line from Orlimar Golf, the TMO-1 (left) and TMO-3.

© Orlimar Golf

Orlimar is introducing its new Tad Moore Signature Putters line in late January 2014. The series includes four putters, each with washboard face milling. The MSRP is $199 for each putter.

The four models are:

  • TMO-1: The Orlimar TMO-1 is a traditional blade putter. It is heel-shafted with a rounded topline and a sight line in the flange.
  • TMO-2: The TMO-2 has a slightly wider blade and thinner topline compared to the TMO-1; the sightline is in the flange, but there is also a sole slot.
  • TMO-3: The TMO-3 is a heel-shafted blade putter but with a wide sole with sightlines in the cavity on the back flage.
  • TMO-4: Also called the TadPole, the TMO-4 putter is a center-shafter, circle T-shaped mallet, and the highest-MOI of the four models.

See orlimar.com for more info.

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