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Callaway's 2012 Lineup of Golf Clubs and Balls


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Callaway RAZR Black Irons and RAZR X HL Irons
Callaway Irons - RAZR X Black and RAZR X HL sets

The Callaway RAZR X Black (left) and RAZR X HL irons.

Photos © Callaway Golf
These two sets of stainless steel irons are designed for golfers who need help boosting launch angle and who want ball speed and forgiveness across the clubface. Callaway describes the Black irons as "game-improvement" and the X HL irons as "super game-improvement."

The RAZR Black irons have the black PVD finish found in other Black X Series clubs in Callaway's 2012 lineup, a look that some might find cool but whose practical purpose is in reducing glare.

Both sets have an integrated clubface/undercut cavity and the usual Callaway medallion on the back to dampen vibration and improve impact sound. The X HL irons have wider soles.

The irons hit retail on March 16, 2012. The RAZR Black set is priced at $799 with steel shafts/$999 with graphite; the HL X set $599 with steel and $799 with graphite.

Both sets offer the option of subbing two RAZR X HL hybrids (pictured on previous page) for two of the irons. Doing so doesn't change the price of the graphite sets, but adds $100 to the price with steel shafts.

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