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BlackHawk Putter Draws Attention at 2012 Sony Open


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Matt Every Puts BlackHawk Putter Into Play
BlackHawk Putter used by Matt Every at 2012 Sony Open

The BlackHawk putter was put into play on the PGA Tour by Matt Every at the 2012 Sony Open.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images
Jan. 16, 2012 - For a couple rounds at the 2012 PGA Tour Sony Open, it looked like Matt Every might become the first Big Break alum to win on a top-level tour. It didn't happen, as Every fell back in the final round and finished tied for sixth.

But he still was the talk of the tournament because of that huge putter in his hands. What the heck is that thing?

It's called the BlackHawk, and it's an ultra-high MOI putter. In a pinch, it can also be used as a garden hoe, a frying pan or a snow shovel. Just kidding. Maybe.

The putter is so new to Every that in his post-third round interview, he was unsure how to pronounce the name of its maker. Its maker is David Kargetta, and the company name is Orion Golf. At the time of the Sony Open (Jan. 2012), the putter was almost impossible to find for the general public, offered only in a handful of green grass (on-course) pro shops in Florida. As of this writing, there isn't even a website yet for the BlackHawk putter or the Orion Golf company.

Kargetta told Golfweek he was originally shooting for wider distribution by March 2012, "(b)ut it looks like we're going to have to accelerate that due to developments. ... We got a lot more attention (at the Sony Open) than we were hoping for."

Every also told Golfweek that he a lot of other tour pros had tried the BlackHawk putter at TPC Sawgrass, but that he is the only one so far who has put it in his bag. (continued on next page)

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