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Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha Drivers


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Callaway Big Bertha Driver (2014 Model)
Views of the soles of the Callaway Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha drivers

Side-by-side views of the soles of the Callaway Big Bertha (left, 2014 model) and Big Bertha Alpha drivers.

© Callaway Golf

Dec. 4, 2013 - The original Big Bertha driver from Callaway Golf was the first mass market, oversized, metal driver when it debuted in 1991. It was a whopping 190cc in clubhead size; the fact that it seemed huge in its day tells you how small driver heads were up to that time.

Callaway continued to launch Big Bertha-branded products over the years, drivers and other clubs (and even balls). But the company's last driver to carry the Big Bertha name was released in 2007.

Until now. Or until February 2014, rather, which is when a new adjustable Callaway Big Bertha driver, joined by the ultra-adjustable Big Bertha Alpha, arrive for consumers.

The Big Bertha Alpha will introduce a new adjustability feature, and cost more. So we'll start with the lower-priced of the two models. (You can read more about each at callawaygolf.com.)

New Callaway Big Bertha Driver

The 2014 model of Big Bertha will be priced at $399 ($100 less than the Big Bertha Alpha featured on the following page) when it hits retail outlets on Feb. 14.

A first for a Callaway driver is included in this one - "Adjustable Perimeter Weighting." Around the rear rim of the driver head is a sliding weight that moves on a track nearly five inches long. The weight is 8 grams, and golfers who are good at reading their ball flight can use it to fine tune shot shape and dispersion patterns. Its position also helps create a higher MOI.

More options are found through the "Advanced Adjustable Hosel." Loft angle and lie angle for the Big Bertha driver can be changed through this hosel - lofts can be adjusted in a range of four degrees (down 1 or up as much as 2); and there are two lie angle settings for neutral or a draw bias.

Weight is saved in the clubface through Callaway's Hyper Speed Face; and in the crown with the company's Forged Composite. This helps move weight to other areas to influence center of gravity, moment of inertia and forgiveness. It also results in an overall clubhead weight below 200 grams, and a swingweight of D2.

Of the two new Big Berthas, this is the one aimed at the broadest range of golfers and more appropriate, in particular, for higher handicaps and recreational players.

The 2014 Big Bertha comes in three stated lofts - 9, 10.5 and 13.5 (each adjustable as described above) degrees - with the Fubuki Z shaft standard. Custom colors and sole engravings are available through Callaway's Udesign.

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