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Ping G20 Driver


The Ping G20 Driver is part of the company's club releases from Summer 2011.
Ping G20 Driver

The G20 series driver from Ping.

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The high-launch, low-spin Ping G20 driver is targeted at all ability levels, with its large head and high MOI.

On the technical side, Ping notes that for the first time it is using a titanium alloy that goes by Ti 8-1-1 in this driver. Ping says that alloy allows for better weighting properties in the clubhead to help optimize for that high-launch, low-spin goal.

The G20 driver comes fitted with a high-balance-point shaft, something the company says "enables the golfer to swing a clubhead with more mass at the same speed."

The Ping G20 driver is offered in lofts of in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. The stock shafts are graphite TFC 169D (in flexes of L, Soft R, R, S and X) and TFC 169D Tour (R, S, and X).

The MSRP is $330.

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