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Ping Golf Summer 2011 Club Launches


July 27, 2011 - Ping Golf has introduced a new series of woods, hybrids and irons - the G20 series - for Summer 2011, along with Anser Milled putters, Anser Forged wedges, new models in the Scottsdale Series putters, plus the Sydney putter.

Click through the pages of this gallery to view photos of each and read more about each of the new Ping club releases in 2011.

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Ping G20 DriverPing G20 DriverPing G20 Fairway Woods and HybridsPing G20 Fairway Woods and G20 HybridsPing G20 IronsPing G20 IronsPing Anser Forged Wedge 2011Ping Anser Forged Wedges
Ping 2011 Putters - Anser Milled and ScottsdalePing Anser Milled Putters and Scottsdale Series PuttersPing Sydney PutterPing Sydney Putter
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