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Maruman Shuttle i4000X Fairway Woods


The Maruman Shuttle i4000X fairway woods are featured in this gallery of new golf equipment published on May 18, 2011.
Maruman Shuttle i4000X Fairway Woods
© Maruman Golf
Maruman Golf says its Shuttle i4000X Fairway Woods are the "largest fairway woods in the world." How big? The 3-wood has a clubhead volume of 230cc.

For some context, consider the sizes of three other current models of 3-woods on the market: The TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 is 200cc; the Ping K15 is 199cc; the Nike VR Pro is 160cc.

Also consider that the original Callaway Big Bertha Driver that seemed so big when it debuted in 1991 was 190cc.

Maruman says the larger size, combined with the clubs' weight properties, leads to more forgiveness and more distance. Bigger often does mean better when it comes to moment of inertia, and Maruman says the MOI of the 3-wood is 4000 (game-improvement drivers get into the 5000s and 5900 is the USGA/R&A limit).

The clubheads include "power ribs" for reinforcement and shock absorption; the clubfaces in the 3- and 5-woods are super maraging steel; and the soles include tungsten weight pads to help lower center of gravity and boost launch angle.

The Maruman Shuttle i4000X fairway woods come in six models, from 15 degrees to 30 degrees of loft, and labeled W3, W5, W7, W9, W11 and W13. (A 2-wood, called the Brassey, is also available and is featured on the previous page.) The clubs have a deep black coated finish; low-torque nano-technology shafts; and lightweight rubber grips. MSRP is $220. marumanglobal.com

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