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Gallery of New Golf Equipment - April 20, 2011


This gallery was published on April 20, 2011, and includes golf equipment that was new at that time - recently released at retail - or recently announced. Included in this gallery are drivers from Tour Edge and Henry-Griffitts; irons from Adams and Miura; wedges by Nike; putters from TaylorMade and Yes; and apparel by Fila.

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Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour DriverTour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour Driver and Fairway WoodsAdams Redline Hybrid-Iron SetAdams Redline Hybrid-Iron SetMiura PP-9003 IronsMiura PP-9003 IronsNike VR Pro WedgesNike VR Pro Wedges
TaylorMade Ghost PuttersTaylorMade Ghost Series PuttersYes Golf Ann Putter ModelYes Golf Putters 2011 LineupHenry-Griffitts Praxis PI DriverHenry-Griffitts Praxis PI DriverFila Golf 2011 Apparel CollectionFila Golf 2011 Apparel Collection
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