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Cobra Sapphire Set for Women


The Cobra Sapphire set of women's golf clubs is featured as part of the new equipment gallery published on March 23, 2011.
Cobra Sapphire Set

The Cobra Sapphire set for women offers a full set of golf clubs.

© Cobra-Puma Golf
The Cobra Sapphire set is a complete set of clubs for women golfers, from the driver through the putter. All clubs in the set are lightweight to help golfers boost swing speed.

The driver is titanium with 15 degrees of loft; the stainless-steel fairway wood has a loft of 19.5 degrees. There are two Baffler-style hybrids in the set, a 4-hybrid (25 degrees) and 7-hybrid (31 degrees), plus wide-soled irons from 8-iron through sand wedge.

Also included are a putter, plus a cart bag along with a hand bag. The Cobra Sapphire set comes in blue and pink versions and will be available at retail beginning in April 2011. The MSRP at launch is $875. cobra.com

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