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Nike VR Pro Blades Irons


From the New Equipment Gallery published on Nov. 8, 2010: Nike VR Pro Blades irons
Nike VR Pro Blades Irons

The forged design of the Nike VR Pro Blades irons.

© Nike Golf; used with permission
The third forged set of irons ever offered by Nike Golf, the VR Pro Blades are aimed at low-handicappers seeking control and workability in their irons.

The Nike VR Pro Blades reach retail on Nov. 26, 2010, with a 3-PW set configuration carrying an MSRP of $1079.99 with steel (Dynamic Gold stock) shafts. A 2-iron (MSRP $135) is available for separate purchase.

Nike Golf states the VR Pro Blades are forged with a new precision technique that eliminates most hand work, ensuring exact specifications and consistency through the set.

The VR Pro Blades have the same grind and profile as their predecessors, the Nike VR Forged TW Blades. But the new irons have new grooves that Nike Golf calls "X3X high frequency grooves." The grooves, which conform to the new groove rules, are more in number, closer together and deeper on the clubface. nikegolf.com

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