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Cleveland CG16 and CG16 Tour Irons


The Cleveland CG16 irons and CG16 Tour irons are included in the Cleveland 2011 Lineup gallery published on Jan. 24, 2011.
Cleveland CG16 irons with black pearl finish, and CG16 Tour irons with satin chrome finish

The Cleveland CG16 irons with black pearl finish (left), and CG16 Tour with satin chrome finish. Both are 6-irons, but notice the differencein loft between the game-improvement club and the players' club.

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The Cleveland CG16 series irons include a standard model and Tour model. Both are available in two finishes: Black Pearl and Satin Chrome.

  • CG16 Irons: Longer and lighter is the approach here. To achieve distance gains, Cleveland has employed longer, lighter shafts and a lighter overall club weight. The CG16 irons have a large cavityback with full undercut, and a large, thin face. Available with either lightweight steel or graphite shafts.

  • CG16 Tour Irons: The CG16 Tour irons are targeted at better players who still desire some forgiveness, so the cavityback and undercut are still there, but not as pronounced as in the standard model. With progressive offset and progressive COG location for additional control and workability. Steel shafts stock.

The stock shaft for the CG16 irons is the Cleveland Traction 85 graphite. For the CG16 Tour irons, stock shafts are True Temper Dynamic Gold (steel).

Retail availability is Feb. 18, 2011. The MAP for the CG16 irons (3-PW)is $699 with steel shafts and $799 with graphite shafts. For the CG16 Tour irons, the MAP is $799 (3-PW, 2-iron available separately). clevelandgolf.com

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