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Cleveland Golf 2011 Equipment Lineup


Inside this gallery are photos of and information about the golf clubs included in the 2011 equipment lineup from Cleveland Golf. Cleveland's 2011 lineup includes multiple "ultralite" clubs, clubs designed to boost golfers' swing speeds; plus new Launcher- and CG-branded equipment.

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Images 1-6 of 6
Cleveland Launcher XL270 DriverCleveland Launcher Ultralite DriversCleveland Launcher FL Fairway WoodCleveland Launcher FL Fairway WoodsCleveland Mashie HybridCleveland Mashie HybridsCleveland CG16 irons with black pearl finish, and CG16 Tour irons with satin chrome finishCleveland CG16 and CG16 Tour Irons
Cleveland CG16 WedgeCleveland CG16 WedgesCleveland Niblick 2011 modelCleveland Niblick (2011 Edition)
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