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Review: "Tom Watson - Lessons of a Lifetime" Instructional DVD

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Tom Watson DVD Cover

The front cover of the 2-DVD set "Tom Watsons - Lessons of a Lifetime."

© Tom Watson Lessons of a Lifetime

The Bottom Line

2-disc collection DVD of golf instruction, anecdotes and tribute by Hall of Fame legend, Tom Watson. Set covers everything from grip and set-up, full-swing, short-game, fixes, to anecdotes from a lifetime on the course.
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  • Very well photographed and presented
  • Clear graphics reinforce message of each lesson
  • Almost all aspects of the game are addressed


  • Would have preferred single disc presentation


  • 2-DVD set
  • Total runtime of 2 hours, 43 minutes
  • DVDs organized into 46 "chapters" that cover nearly all aspects of golf
  • Includes a tribute to Watson's former caddie Bruce Edwards, who died of Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2004.
  • At time of launch in 2010, the 2-DVD set retailed for $49.95

Guide Review - Review: "Tom Watson - Lessons of a Lifetime" Instructional DVD

Instructional videos have been made by teachers, amateurs and pros. They've been around since the advent of film. Some succeed, some miss the pin. But occasionally, there comes an instructional video that is so complete that attention must be paid. Like the man himself, Tom Watson's Lessons of a Lifetime will surely become a reference for future generations of golfers.

From the basics of the grip to cures for the most common swing problems, Lessons of a Lifetime is both a strong instructional video as well as look back on a life well spent by one of the game's enduring legends. Watson knows why you are here – to improve your game. The way in which his affable, straightforward style is presented makes you immediately want to incorporate these lessons into your own game.

Watson gets you to stay on through his engaging, warm presentation. The nearly 3-hour DVD set was shot at the Greenbrier resort, a beautiful and historic location and now home to a PGA Tour stop.

What you're getting with the Watson DVD set is not only basics and advanced shotmaking, but life lessons this multi-major winner has accumulated over his 50-plus years in the game. The DVD is the first comprehensive review of the game by a legendary player in 25 years. This is not some slapped together instruction designed to capitalize on the popularity of Watson - who came close to winning the British Open in 2009 - but rather a well-thought-out story that reflects the tapestry of Watson's enormous golf skill and knowledge. Even the tribute to long-time caddie and partner Bruce Edwards is incredibly well done and puts a very personal face on what is still a game.

If you are looking for a standout DVD for your collection, or something to give as a great gift, Tom Watson - Lessons of a Lifetime deserves a close look.

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