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Review: Ping G15 and i15 Drivers

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Ping G15 Driver

The Ping G15 driver. The i15 has a more traditional shape and a dark finish, compared to the G15 above.

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The Bottom Line

The G15 driver provides maximum forgiveness with improved distance and accuracy. Golfers of all skill levels can play the G15. Additional weight helps launch trajectory. It is a worthy successor to the popular G10 driver. The i15 is aimed at the better golfer. Its sleek all-black scheme features a lower, piercing trajectory with ability to work the ball.
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  • G15: Shots hit across the face are rewarded with little loss of distance
  • G15: Tee balls get up quickly with extreme rearward weighting
  • i15: More traditional head shape hides size well
  • i15: Sleek-looking all-black scheme
  • i15: Solid sound


  • G15: Lack of feedback on mishits
  • G15: Ballflight may be too high for some
  • i15: Finish shows wear easily
  • i15: Alignment device somewhat difficult to see


  • G15 is a high-launch, low-spin driver with extreme forgiveness - will benefit mid-high handicappers.
  • Elongated face profile of G15 provides larger toe-to-heel sweet spot.
  • External sole weight of G15 is visual reminder of increased launch trajectory by moving weight low and rearward.
  • G15 available in neutral and draw bias faces.
  • G15 available lofts of 9, 10.5, 12 and 13.5 degrees.
  • i15 is traditionally shaped deep-faced driver with fade-biased internal weighting.
  • Key feature of i15 is workability.
  • i15 available lofts of 8, 9.5, 11 degrees.
  • Black, titanium-carbon finish on i15.
  • MSRP for each driver at time of launch: $349.

Guide Review - Review: Ping G15 and i15 Drivers

Are you a G-Man or an i-guy? Ping offers two drivers - the G15 and i15 - for different preferences and skill levels. The G15 is an easy-to-hit, high-launch, lower-spin version of 2008's successful G10 driver. What's improved is the rearward weighting that helps get the ball airborne very easily. The i15 has an internal fade bias as well as lower spin and a hosel that is farther from the face. That means greater workability for lower-handicap golfers.

The Ping G15 was as easy a driver to get off the tee as I recall ever hitting. An elongated face provides a sweet spot that covers the mishits of most golfers. Heel and toe hits were not greatly penalized and most of my tee shots ended up in the short grass with only a small loss of distance on mishits. If you have a tendancy to be inconsistent off the tee, the G15 should be just the ticket. I found the stock shaft to be well-balanced and matched up well with additional weight Ping has put into the head of the G15. The only concern might be that the ball could launch too high. However, Ping has lowered the spin rate of the head, which provided some extra roll, I found.

While it was easy being the G-Man, I wondered if I had what it takes to be the "i-guy." As a mid-handicapper, I was a bit concerned that the imposing look of the titanium-carbon head would prove to be for accomplished golfers only. The result? Wow! The sound was a solid, pleasing "thwack." The trajectory was a well-behaved bomb. I recruited a low-handicap golfer in my foursome who was easily able to work the ball both directions. He also commented positively about the pleasing launch trajectory as well as the solid sound - something that can't be overlooked.

All in all, both of these driver offerings from Ping are solid improvements from one of the most reliable names in the golf game-improvement business. If you're looking to pick up accuracy, yards, feel or all three - you can't go wrong with either of these clubs.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
It IS the MOST FORGIVING Driver around..., Member quikfeat

I bought a 9 degree stiff Ping G-15 Driver and I am more than impressed with this driver which has made golf a whole lot more fun for me. Let me explain, before I bought this driver I was using Taylormade Drivers, the Superfast and the Superfast 2.0 - however only if I hit it perfect would the ball launch far - otherwise I would always hit right which tells me my club head is open slightly. However ever since I bought the Ping G-15 Driver, I only hit right maybe once per round - otherwise my drives go straight and deep. It has literally made the game of golf a lot more enjoyable for me - I am rarely on the other fairway to the right - MOSTLY ALWAYS STRAIGHT!!! If you're like me who hits to the right or slices, the PING G-15 Driver will cure it - it is literally the MOST FORGIVING DRIVER AROUND!!!

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