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Review: Miura Series 1957 Forged Wedges

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Miura Series 1957 Forged Wedge C-Grind
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The Bottom Line

Limited edition forged wedge exudes high-performance and craftsmanship. Nicely shaped, compact head is good size and weight for a variety of conditions. Multi-grind "C" sole works well from differing lies and turf conditions. Solid feel with tons of spin, available in a trio of lofts.


  • Soft forged steel
  • Strong pro tour look
  • Versatile sole grind
  • Excellent spin


  • Cost is higher than mass-marketed wedges
  • May not be for higher handicap players


  • Constructed from soft forged steel
  • Aggressive grind allows opening club for a variety of shots
  • MSRP at time of launch: $210
  • At launch, available in lofts of 55, 57 and 59 degrees
  • At launch, not conforming to 2010 groove rules, but conforming versions coming

Guide Review - Review: Miura Series 1957 Forged Wedges

What are you supposed to do when you take a new wedge out of your golf bag, and everyone at the short game practice facility sees the sleek profile, comes by where you are chipping, drops their jaw and goes "ooooooh! – where did you get that?" You make sure you hang onto the wedge for dear life. That's what I encountered when I took the Miura 1957 Series Forged wedge out for a spin.

Miura Golf? Don't know the name? That's understandable, but it's not a new brand. Miura has been around since, well, 1957. Master golf craftsman Katsuhiro Miura has been making forged clubs in Japan with a stellar reputation among golf cognoscenti, clubs that have long been favorites among Asian touring professionals. The line of "1957 series" wedges now joins Miura's Y-series wedges and irons for North American release.

Miura Golf is not out to create the flavor of the month. The 1957 Series Forged wedge shows a precise eye for design and a dedication to craftsmanship and, above all, high performance. It's a beautifully manufactured head with workmanship that oozes from every forged molecule.

The feel of hitting a golf ball with the Series 1957 Forged redefines smooth - whether chip, full pitch or half shot. An aggressive relief grind produces a wedge that is easy to open up for flop shots or shut down for fast checking chips. Spin from all these shots is incredibly good.

The retail price is higher than most wedges on the market, but with limited production on these clubs and considering the importance of the short game in reducing scores, this sweet club is worth skipping meals for. The club can be built with a variety of shafts upon request.

All golfers know that a precise short game is the quickest way to drop shots from your score. The Miura Series 1957 Forged wedge is a beautiful and effective way to do so. One scratch handicap golfer I know said, when he first put down the wedge in front of him, "This is the wedge I'd design for myself." Check out the Miura 1957 Series wedges and see if you feel the same.

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