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Tour Edge Exotics C.B Fairway Wood

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Exotics Combo-Brazing Fairway Wood
Tour Edge Golf

The Bottom Line

The Tour Edge Exotics C.B fairway wood incorporates futuristic technology and looks to deliver superior performance.
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  • 'Combo-Brazing' technique allows weighting benefits to be maximized.
  • Low spin and long distance.
  • Attractive, futuristic looking design matches the manufacturing approach.


  • Costs more than most other fairway woods.


  • C.B stands for combo-brazing, a patented manufacturing technique that combines two head materials.
  • A titanium-cupped face is bonded with a Hypersteel body, but without the need for heavy welding.
  • Lack of heavy welding frees 50 grams of weight to be moved to rear skirt and sole.
  • Moving weight from face to rear and sole produces deeper center of gravity.
  • Tour Edge Exotics C.B fairway woods come in 3+ (13 degrees), 3 (15 degrees), 5 (18) and 7 (21).
  • At time of launch, Exotics C.B fairway woods are available in men's right-handed only.
  • Stock Fujikura shafts come in R, S and X flex.
  • Stock grip is Golf Pride Dual Durometer.
  • MSRP at time of launch is $499.

Guide Review - Tour Edge Exotics C.B Fairway Wood

Exotics is a new line of clubs from Tour Edge Golf that incorporate a proprietary new manufacturing process that Tour Edge calls "combo-brazing" (hence the "C.B" in this club's name).

Tour Edge founder David Glod says the combo-brazing process produces clubs that combine the lower center of gravity of steel clubs with the distance benefits of titanium. The Exotics C.B fairway wood blends together a titanium-cupped face and a Hypersteel body by chemical bonding. The process that Tour Edge has developed requires less heavy welding, freeing up 50 grams of weight to be shifted to the rear skirt and sole.

The result? In Iron Byron testing, Tour Edge put its Exotics C.B up against fairway woods from Callaway, Ping, Cobra and Titleist, and blew away the competition in distance and spin. The Exotics C.B. was 23 yards longer than the closest competitor.

We've no doubt after playing the Exotics C.B fairway wood that it is one of the longest fairway woods we've ever hit. (We played a 15-degree 3-wood with a stiff shaft.)

In fact, we watched on the range as one pro who tried it blasted his shots almost as far as he'd been hitting his 983K driver (albeit with a lighter shaft, producing greater swing speed)!

The club produces a great, solid feel, with excellent carry. The only drawback we could find with the Tour Edge Exotics C.B fairway wood is the price. Due to the manufacturing process involved, the MSRP is a whopping $499 (although we've already seen some at $399).

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