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Crum Creek Mills Soy Snack and Products

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Crum Creek Soy Nut Mix
Photo courtesy of Crum Creek Mills; used with permission

The Bottom Line

Crum Creek Mills' Soy Nut Mix is a great alternative for golfers looking for a healthier snack to keep with them on the course. The chocolate chips contained in the mix might melt, however, on a hot day. Crum Creek's other soy-protein products are a mixed bag as far as flavor.


  • Soy Nut Mix a tasty and healthier snack for on the golf course.
  • It comes in small packets that are easily carried in a golf bag or golf cart.
  • Most Crum Creek products lack that "soy taste" - if you've had soy milk, you know what I mean.
  • The soy protein pasta is excellent, although with a slightly different taste from regular pasta.


  • The chocolate chips in the Soy Nut Mix can melt and make a mess if stored in hot space.
  • The mini-breadstick or pretzel-like Soy Bites are too hard and lacked flavor.


  • Crum Creek Mills makes soy nut snack mixes and other soy-protein products.
  • Those soy-protein products include soy snack bites, pastas, muffin and pancake mixes.
  • The Soy Nut Mix packets are ideal for carrying in a golf bag or golf cart for in-round snacks.
  • Soy nuts are protein-rich and cholesterol-free, and have 60-percent less fat than peanuts.
  • Studies show that soy protein lowers cholesterol, reduces heart attack risk, among benefits.
  • Soy foods are rich in calcium, iron, zinc and many other vitamins and minerals.
  • All Crum Creek products use only organic ingredients.
  • Crum Creek Mills products are available for purchase at www.crumcreek.com.

Guide Review - Crum Creek Mills Soy Snack and Products

Keeping up one's energy on the golf course often means having a snack somewhere around the mid-point of the round, or even after every six holes. Many golfers turn to protein bars, but too many others turn to sugar-loaded colas or candy bars, or hot dogs from the clubhouse.

There's another option now for golfers, a much healthier option and one that tastes pretty darn good. It's the Soy Nut Mix from Crum Creek Mills.

In addition to the Soy Nut Mix, Crum Creek's other soy products include Soy Bites, mixes for pancakes and muffins, and several different types of soy-protein pastas.

The Soy Nut Mix isn't just a better option for golfers than many other snacks (being cholesterol-free and loaded with protein, and having 60-percent less fat than peanuts), but it's also tasty. In the mix are dry-roasted soybeans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins and chocolate chips.

All ingredients are organic. And the sweetness of the raisins and chocolate chips balance nicely with the sea-salted soybeans and seeds.

We give the Soy Nut Mix four stars on its own. The other Crum Creek products get a combined three stars.

The Soy Bites - a crunchy sort of miniature breadstick or pretzel-ish kind of snack - were a dud, too hard and not enough flavor. The muffin mix was good, but not great. The pasta, however, was excellent, although it was also the soy-based product where the "soy taste" was most evident.

Visit www.crumcreek.com for more info or to order.

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