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"Pocketshots" Books Keep Golf Lessons Simple and Close at Hand

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"Pocketshots" are fold-out booklets containing golf tips and designed to be carried by the golfer, in his pocket or in a golf bag.

Image courtesy of Dizzy Heights; used with permission
What are "Pocketshots"? The are small, fold-out booklets containing basic golf instruction and tips, designed to be carried by the golfer on the course for quick reference. And yes, they will fit into your pocket (or your golf bag). The lessons offered are not in-depth, but are clear and concise and cover fundamentals - and are offered by instructors who include some of Europe's best.
Chi Chi Rodriguez once said that if you're going to buy a golf instructional book, forget all the fancy titles and the famous instructors who wrote them. Focus on one thing: buy the thinnest such book you can find.

Chi Chi would probably like the "Pocketbooks" series. These small booklets fold out in a sort of accordian-style - similar to a road map, but because of their small size and stiffer stock of front and back covers, they are much easier to handle and much easier to fold back up again.

They are small in size, approximately 3 inches by 4 inches, and each contains 33 pages, or panels, of tips. Each booklet in the "Pocketbook" series focuses on a different element of the game, but all of them provide basic, fundamental information about their topic.

A golfer who is seeking an in-depth, comprehensive instructional manual won't find that in "Pocketshots." But for anyone who desires something simpler - straightforward, clear, concise, something for quick reference rather than in-depth study - "Pocketshots" are likely to prove interesting and helpful.

So far there are nine "Pocketshots" booklets:

  • Swing - Fundamentals
  • Putting - Fundamentals
  • Bunker - Fundamentals
  • Short Game - Fundamentals
  • Fitness - Fit For Golf
  • Mental Game - Practice
  • Swing - A Model Lesson
  • Short Game - Fundamentals
  • Short Game - Specialty Shots

These can be purchased separately or as part of a 6-book "gift pack" at retail in the U.K. or through the publisher's Web site, www.dizzyheights.com. The price, as of this writing, is £3.99 each or £19.99 for the gift pack.

As for what you'll find inside each book, let's take a look at the "Pocketshots" Putting Fundamentals book (this one is excerpted on About.com).

The book features the instruction of Harold Swash, one of the foremost putting instructors in Europe and the inventor of the Yes C-Groove putter. Each page, or panel, focuses on a different element of the topic being discussed, with tips relating to that element, and usually with an illustration.

For example, in the Putting Fundamentals booklet, Swash goes over grip, stance, posture, swing path and tempo, reading greens, how to practice, pre-round drills and more.

Other booklets are organized similarly, around the fundamentals of the topic as distilled by a leading instructor.

The "Pocketshots" series is not yet available at retail outlets in the U.S., but the publisher is looking for distributors. In the meantime, golfers outside the U.K. can order "Pocketshots from the company Web site with no extra charges.

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