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Ping G20 Hybrid Review

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Ping G20 Hybrid - Toe View
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The Bottom Line: The Ping G20 hybrid is a redesigned and enhanced hybrid featuring high launch and low spin. A large, internal weight in the 17-4 stainless steel head provides forgiveness and distance.

• Bounce and camber offer clean ground impact from a variety of conditions.
• Blended crown design improves optics for easy alignment.

• Offset appearance may not suit every eye.

• The Ping G20 hybrids have 17-4 stainless steel heads.
• They have a more compact look compared to the previous generation (G15) Ping hybrids.
• Higher launch angle and lower spin promotes accuracy and distance.
• The Ping G20 hybrid has an MSRP of $175 and comes in lofts of 17, 20, 23, 27 and 31 degrees.

Review: Ping G20 Hybrids

Oct. 25, 2011 - Initially, I was hard pressed to identify the difference between the Ping G20 hybrid and the previous-generation G15 hybrid that Ping introduced in 2009. Bulbous snout, long-ish toe-to-heel measurement, offset hosel. So what's new?

It's not a breakthrough, but Ping has introduced just enough tweaks to the G20 hybrid to make it worth a look, even if you purchased the previous model in the last year.

Ping G20 Hybrid© Ping Golf
The G20 hybrid also sports offset but with a shorter heel-to-toe length than the G15. Ping has engineered more bounce and sole camber into the G20, which should help the club glide smoothly through grass, helpful when the ball is off the fairway. The biggest difference, according to Ping, is a flatter lie angle that results in a squarer set-up appearance at address and reduces the tendency for the ball to go left.

Ping offers two stock shafts that provide very solid feel and balance to the club. The TFC 169H is in the mid-70-gram range and carries a higher torque rating than the TFC 169H Tour, which comes in heavier weights, lower torque and provides a lower trajectory with less spin.

Performance of the Ping G20 hybrid was very solid on the golf course, with no issues getting off tee, turf or through rough. The G20 hybrid is definitely higher launching that its predecessor. The only points off revolve around the look of the club.

While the club looks a little funny, the revised and revamped Ping G20 hybrid should attract some serious attention from golfers looking to help their game.

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