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Ping Anser Wedges Review

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Ping Anser Forged Wedge 2011

The 54-degree Ping Anser forged wedge.

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Bottom Line: Ping Anser wedges are forged with a tapered sole grind aimed at low-to-mid handicap golfers. Design allows for accurate yardages and versatility from a variety of lies.

• The Ping Anser wedges offer simple, functional, clean looks, with a rugged, durable finish.
• Soft feel from forged 8620 steel construction.
• A high-density tungsten toe weight adds stability and control.
• Reinforced back cavity stabilization bar provides solid feel.
• Longer hosel optimizes center of gravity position and spin.
• The Anser wedge has a lower ball flight than other Ping wedges.
• MSRP at time of review was $169 per wedge.
• Lofts of 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees.
• Stock shaft is DG Spinner.

Review: Ping Anser Forged Wedges

Oct. 19, 2011 - With last season's introduction of the first forged set of clubs from Ping since 1968, the Anser irons, could forged wedges be far behind? The ans(w)er for golfers awaiting forged wedges from Ping has been delivered. And the Ping Anser wedges do not disappoint. Beginning with shots around the green and working back to the fairway and bunkers, one gets the feeling that Ping worked hard and long to create this marriage of form and function.

The engineers at Ping (remember, the company was founded by an engineer) deliver function in spades. They offer plenty of spin and a versatile sole with a grind that tapers at the toe and heel, while maintaining existing visual lines of the sole and retaining functionality through turf. Spin is enhanced by the stock shaft offering of Dynamic Gold Spinner, which complements the Ping Anser wedges beautifully. The wedges have clean, flowing lines.

Feel is buttery soft with the steel forging backed up by a reinforced cavity. Interaction with the turf is, again, best for low-to-mid handicappers. Standard bounce angle is between 10 and 12 degrees.

Performance is nothing short of spectacular from the fairway. Full shots went as far as other similarly lofted wedges – perhaps feeling a bit better due to the soft metal and forging. Shots from bunkers had plenty of brake on them.

A very balanced feel with a lower trajectory make the Ping Anser wedges ones to consider if you're in the market for an upgrade.

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