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Ogio Chamber Golf Bag Review

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating
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Ogio Chamber Golf Bag
© Ogio
Bottom Line: The Ogio Chamber is an attractive cart bag that provides a quiet ride.

• Ogio Chamber cart bag has a 14-way top and incorporates the company's new technology called Silencer Club Protection in both the top and bottom of the bag.

• The Silencer system is designed to hold the clubs in place, prevent them from jostling and prevent the clubheads from swinging around, keeping the bag quiet even when the golf cart is in motion.

• The bag has nine pockets, eight of which are zippered. The ball pocket is zipperless.

• Included are glove/putter cover Velcro attachment strip; divot and pencil sleeve pockets; integrated tee holders; snap-on, zippered rain cover; over-padded single shoulder strap.

• Comes in black/technical and charcoal/burst color schemes.

• Price at time of introduction in January 2012: $300.

Review: Ogio Chamber Golf Bag

April 5, 2012 - You and your partner strap the golf bags onto the back of the golf cart, climb into the driver and passenger seats, and hit the accelerate pedal. What do you hear? Clanging and clacking, tinking and plinking, as the clubs in your golf bags are jostled around and bang into each other.

And if you happen to hit a bump? Cover your ears.

Maybe the noise of your clubs crashing against each other bothers you. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe you've never really thought about it.

But if you are a golfer who hates that noise - who wishes there was a way to keep your clubs secure and stationary, not to mention quiet, on cart rides - there's a new bag for you.

Silencer Club Protection System

Ogio Chamber Bag Top

The Ogio Chamber bag top has membranes to help keep clubs from jostling around; plus multiple handholds around the rim.

© Ogio
The Ogio Chamber cart bag is the first made with what Ogio calls the "Silencer Club Protection System." Ogio promises that the Chamber will keep your clubs quiet on those cart rides, and after testing the bag we say the Chamber passes with flying colors.

The Chamber silences your clubs with top and bottom security: The bag's 14-way top has 14 individual compartments, each with a membrane that centers the club and holds it in place. Inside the bottom of the bag is the Silencer base, which grabs hold of the grip-end of your clubs. Insert a club through the top membrane, and then push it down into the base. You'll feel the grip end of the club pop into place in the Silencer base.

At that point, the club is secure. You can turn the bag upside down (we did) and the clubs won't budge. We even gave the bag a little shake while upside down; still, no clubs dislodged. (Just make sure each club is pressed down completely into the base, otherwise they will come loose.)

And the clubheads also stay in place. Arrange the clubs around the top, toes of the clubs all pointing the same direction, and the clubs will stay in that position during the cart ride.

So the Ogio Chamber's Silencer technology really does work as well as Ogio claims. Pretty nifty.

Other Ogio Chamber Pros and Cons

But the Ogio Chamber is a good, solid golf bag beyond the Silencer technology. It has an attractive, compact look for a cart bag, with a zipperless ball pocket, outside tee holes, and pockets that are all easily accessible even when the bag is strapped to the cart.

We also loved the design and positioning of the handles, especially around the bag top. Nearly the entire top is available as a hand-hold, which makes handling the bag a breeze.

Any drawbacks? New technology is often pricey, and the Ogio Chamber, which went on sale in January 2012, was introduced with a $300 price tag.

And the Silencer technology does require pushing down on the club to pop it into place; and the golfer does need to give the club a little tug to remove one from the bag. The amount of effort is minimal; not a big deal for the vast majority of golfers and not something that bothered us in the least. However, we can imagine some golfers with shoulder, elbow or arm pain, or general weakness in those areas, wanting to try the Ogio Chamber in a pro shop first before buying one.

Overall, our reaction to the Ogio Chamber, and especially is Silencer technology, is strongly positive.

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 5 out of 5
ogio chamber golf bag, Member griff555

best bag ive ever owned bar none !!!!!! seems to work well and well put together, love the non zipper ball pocket,

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