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Motorola MotoACTV Golf Edition GPS Review

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Motorola MOTOACTV Golf Edition

The golfer can choose to wear the Motorola MotoACTV around his or her wrist, but there other methods for carrying it. Use of the wristband is optional.

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Bottom Line: The Motorola MotoACTV is a digital golf GPS and workout assistant that can be worn on the wrist. It offers excellent GPS yardages and other golf functions, but with other goodies such as MP3 player and fitness tracker.

• Small and intuitive to use
• Great depth of features
• Very accurate yardages via GPS
• Excellent way to review post-round performance

• Somewhat clumsy to use when clipped to belt (also comes with wristband)

• Integrated touch screen device for golfers or anyone looking to get in shape.
• Sophisticated integration includes Wi-Fi data sync and software updates.
• Among options for carrying the device are wearing it on the wrist (ala a wristwatch) or clipping it to one's belt.
• Price of MotoACTV Golf Edition at introduction: $299.99. Other versions (not keyed to golf) of the MotoACTV begin at $249.99.
• More info is available at motoactv.com.

Review: Motorola MotoACTV Golf Edition

May 1, 2012 - I approached the Motorola MotoACTV somewhat skeptically. After all, I already have a laser rangefinder and a golf GPS device. Why did I need another? Or more importantly, what could the MotoACTV offer that I didn't already have? I opened the package and proceeded to find out.

As a golf GPS, MotoACTV is impressive in its small size (less than 4 square inches), weight and quality of measurement and display. What I didn't realize is how much more data I was missing from just a laser finder or golf GPS. Exhibit 1 is that MotoACTV measures the distance I walk in a given round. My measurement is given in steps, actual distance and calories burned. With the unit's accurate GPS, I can tell where I am on a given tract.

Regarding GPS accuracy, I found the MotoACTV to be among the best, if not the best, in measuring distances compared to laser-measured yardages.

Within the tiny unit there is also a very powerful capture for, shall we say, more "strenuous" cardio-related exercises such as jogging, elliptical and cycling. This really appealed to me as a golfer, because as a group, committed golfers today are paying more attention to their overall fitness level. The MotoACTV is one device that can actually inspire a golfer to do more than walk the course. I know it did for me.

More Uses for the MotoACTV Golf

But, back to the unit. If you're at the driving range and practicing tempo, there is a built-in MP3 player in this 16GB unit that can help find your swing. Whether the track is Groovin' by The Rascals or Drive by Incubus, it's nice to have tunes to help with that sometimes elusive tempo.

And, as the commercial says, "wait – but there's more!" The MotoACTV gives a real-time summary read-out of total score, individual hole score, putts, GIR, steps taken, calories burned and distance covered. Wow – I think there is a whole new industry there for the stats obsessed. But, the more I used the MotoACTV the more I found it incredibly comfortable and indispensible.

And imagine the insight to be gained by sending your instructor the GPS-plotted data on your round in advance of your next lesson.

Are There Any Negatives?

While the MotoACTV can be worn on the wrist, ala a wristwatch, I suspect many golfers will prefer not to take advantage of that option. Personally, I don't like having anything on my wrist during the swing that might subtly affect weight, tempo or wrist hinge. Therefore, during testing of the MotoACTV, I went solely with the clip-on option and carried it on my belt. (Golfers who already play wearing a wristwatch - Phil Mickelson is one - will probably like the option of using the wristband.)

The only real drawback I saw to this powerful little package of game aid and fun is that, clipped to a belt, I had to continue reaching to unclip the unit to read it and accidentally changed screens (no data was lost) to another function. It's always easy with a finger touch to get back to golf – but I'd prefer some kind of temporary lock for the activity. Motorola tells me there is currently a workaround for this issue as well as a plan to address it in the next software update. But the benefit of a total GPS package, plus all the bells and whistles in a smaller-than-credit-card-sized package is really something.

After the Round

Once you're finished with golf or running or walking, there's nothing to upload. It's all done via your home (or other) Wi-Fi. By linking to your MotoACTV.com account, you'll get innovative displays which further can help your game including hole-by-hole shot profiles. How about a satellite view that reviews your round hole by hole including elevation changes? These can be cross-referenced by score.

Motorola couldn't have found a timelier endorser for the MotoACTV than Masters champ Bubba Watson. Bubba and his caddie use the unit not only for practice rounds, but for workouts. I understand that in the near future, both Bubba's workouts and some practice rounds will be posted for MotoACTV users to compare against their own efforts.

In short, the Motorola MotoACTV might take its place alongside the metal wood for its ability to change your game.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Good product, very annoying software updates, Member iamaws

Good product, very annoying software updates This is good product. I replaced my Nike GPS runners watch with this(I should have kept Nike). there were some complaints that this product does not have battery capacity to run GPS and blue tooth headphones for a 2 hours or half marathon. well, it's a small battery and the capacity from my stand point is reasonable. What is the most annoying with this product (and I wish I could return this) is the software updates. It tells you to update almost every day! I am a runner, but this little thing is really to help me to keep my pace when I run. Well, it occupies you computer as the most thing ever. it will always have something to update on your screen AND it may ask for a reboot. I wish I did not bought this. I still use it when I run, but I would not recommend this to anyone. I'd write more but the update pop up is on again. I've yet to figure out how to kill that service.

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