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Cleveland VP509 Putter Review

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Cleveland VP509 Putter Review
Courtesy of Cleveland Golf; used with permission
  • Clean looks and lines
  • Solid putting feel
  • Alignment and lie-angle system
  • Hmmmm ...

Visual Performance

Golf putters remind us of the adage, "If at first you don't succeed ..." How many of us own at least four putters? OK, I'll raise my hand. Not sure why. Sometimes putters don't feel right, don't line up right, or, maybe, we just aren't making putts.

Well, Cleveland Golf has created a putter that just might slim down that pile of putters pushed aside, out in the garage. Cleveland has introduced the VP509, part of its VP line of putters.

"VP" stands for "Visual Performance" and it's a neat visual cue to let the golfer know if he is aligned correctly to the putting line.

Test-Driving the Cleveland VP509

I got a chance to test drive - rather, test putt - the VP509. It's a face-balanced putter and from the start, the putter has clean lines and sharp looks. Putters, after all, need to instill confidence, and this one does.

A striking Yellow/Steel grey Winn grip provides a firm connection to the shaft. The clubhead is black to reduce reflection and glare on the course. A simple heel-shafted double bend shaft contributes to the clean lines.

Additionally, very clear and large alignment lines run both horizontal and vertically. This has always been a complaint of mine on putters - alignment aids should be at least in two-dimensions. The VP509 adds a third dimension, which is the visual performance part.

Cleveland calls this their Dual-Axis Alignment system. The putter has a gold elastomer insert just behind the face which helps get the lie angle just right. If the lie is too upright or too flat the gold from the insert becomes visible. Correct the lie angle and the gold color disappears. Again, simple and effective.

Getting the Feel

How many of those putters cast aside in the garage are there because they just didn't have "the feel"? Probably quite a few of them. The VP509 excels in this department as well. A soft, synthetic insert on the face provides enough feel, feedback and forgiveness to make the equation just right.

The rest of the face is milled metal. The putterhead is made up of metal treated so it is either matte black or a smoke finish. The smoke finish contains heavier weights which form a rounded, triangle-shaped mallet head and provides extreme perimeter weighting. That weighting contributes to steadiness back and through the putting stroke. The putter head is 355 grams, so in the same zone where many high-MOI putters reside.

Of course, to make the Dual-Axis alignment system work even better, the putter is offered in three lie angles, standard, upright and flat. See your pro shop or local retailer to determine the right configuration for you. As well as the VP 509 worked for me, I don't believe I'll be adding to that garage putter pile anytime soon.

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