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Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedge Review

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Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedge

The Cleveland 588 Forged RTG wedges come with an oil can finish.

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The Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedge is an attractive, classic-looking club with a sole grind designed to help create crisp contact when playing with the face open. It's a worthy addition to the Cleveland Golf wedge lineup.

• Classic 588 lines set up well to the eye
• Forged weight and feel adds to confidence
• Sole grind helps with open-faced shots

• Special grind may not be suitable for higher handicaps

• 1025 carbon steel face with Cleveland's Tour Zip grooves.
• Comes in an "oil quench" finish designed to rust over time.
• "RTG" stands for "raw tour grind" - a sole with relief in rear.
• Offered in lofts from 52 to 64 degrees, in 2-degree increments.
• MSRP at time of release was $139.99.

Review: Cleveland 588 Forged RTG Wedge

Oct. 11, 2012 - Cleveland Golf has always been known for wedges. They've made more than 7 million of them according to the company. With the introduction of the 588 Forged RTG wedge, Cleveland reinforces its reputation as the leader in this market segment.

With an aggressive sole grind that allows players to open the face without raising the leading edge off the ground (helping keep contact crisp on open-face shots), the 588 Forged RTG is aimed at the 10-handicap-and-under player. Keegan Bradley and other Cleveland staffers had them in their bags early on.

The retro look of the 588 lines combined with the forged feel of 1025 carbon steel and the Tour Zip grooves make this wedge one sweet performer. No tricked-out shafts and grips here; Cleveland sticks with classics, the Dynamic Gold S300 and Lamkin Crossline grip (custom options are available). A handsome oil quench finish that rusts over time completes the look.

If you're looking for a forged wedge club with stopping power as good as anything on the market, this is one to check out.

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