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Women's Golf Clubs - News and Reviews

Latest Reviews and News about Women's Golf Clubs


women's golf clubs

The Cleveland Bloom set introduced in 2009.

Courtesy of Cleveland Golf; used with permission
Looking for the latest info about women's golf clubs? We update this page with the latest news of new golf clubs and equipment targeted to women golfers. We also give you the chance to submit your own reviews of women's golf clubs to be published on About.com.

Wanted: Your Reviews of Women's Golf Clubs
Do you play women's clubs? Here's your chance to sound off about those clubs that you've tried. Submit a review and we'll publish your ratings here on About.com.

'Ladies Clubs': What does that term mean to you?
When you hear the term "ladies golf clubs," what comes to mind? Are you thinking more in terms of looks and styling, or technology? Tell us what the term means to you.

FAQ: What's the difference between men's and women's clubs?
Back in the old days, a "women's golf club" might just be a standard club painted pink. But manufacturers take women golfers much more seriously these days, and tailor their technology to women.

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Women's Golf Clubs - News and Reviews

Bobby Jones Rouge Series
Bridgestone Lady Precept golf balls
Nike Verdana women's set
Cleveland Bloom Go and Bloom Max sets
Ping Serene line of women's clubs
Fourteen TC-610 Women's Irons
Cobra Sapphire set
Cleveland's 2011 women's clubs
Cleveland Women's HB Irons
Cleveland Classic 6 women's putter
Odyssey Divine putters
Review: Sweet Spot Ax8 putter
Ping Faith series
Callaway Solaire women's golf clubs
Sweet Spot Golf's "Think Pink" line
Precept Lady iQ golf balls
Wilson Staff extends FYbrids line to women
Cleveland Bloom women's clubs and sets
Adams Limited Edition Designer Tech set
Square Two Selene 3-Piece Learning Kit
TaylorMade Women's Burner driver, woods, hybrids
Nancy Lopez Erinn Series
Cleveland 2007 W-Series
Adams Insight Belle driver
Astra apparel, Ecco shoes, Lady Pershing shaft
GRIP CNC-Milled women's wedges
Cleveland expands W-Series lineup
Cleveland W-Series CG11 wedges help fund breast cancer research
Nike Super Lady balls are company's first specifically for women
Tava headlines new women's equipment from Mizuno
Callaway adds women's version of Big Bertha 454 driver
Cleveland adds to women's offerings with W-Series Launcher irons
Precept introduces ECW Hybrid set for women
Review: Nickent Goddess Collection
Cleveland adds woods, irons, wedges to W Series line of women's clubs
Nickent introduces Goddess Collection
Review: Wilson Hope set
Wilson's Hope set supports breast cancer research
Golf Widows card game deals humor into golf relationships
Adams adds women's version of Idea hybrid set
Adams adds offset and women's models to Redline drivers

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