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Odyssey Touts 'Steel Meets Feel' with White Steel Putters

White Steel Putters Feature Double Insert


Odyssey White Steel Putters

Odyssey White Steel putters feature a steel insert inside the White Hot insert.

Callaway Golf
Updated September 13, 2004
An insert within an insert? Callaway Golf calls it "steel meets feel." The Callaway-owned Odyssey brand of putters is adding a new approach to its White Hot line, this one called White Steel.

That's because this Odyssey putter includes two face inserts, one inside the other. The new putters are called White Steel, because a stainless steel insert floats in the middle of the familiar White Hot insert.

"The Odyssey brand continues to push the envelope in putter design, particularly when it comes to radical developments in the area of insert technology," said Callaway Golf President and Chief Operating Officer Patrice Hutin. "There's a reason why Odyssey is the No. 1 putter in golf: its R&D team continues to design putters that outperform the competition and, very simply, give golfers the confidence and science to make more putts."

Odyssey calls the approach Dual Insert Technology, "the seamless integration of a precision-milled, trapezoid-shaped stainless steel insert suspended in the center of a modified White Hot urethane face insert." The White Hot face insert is lightweight and resilient, allowing weight to be repositioned deep in the putterhead for greater MOI and soft feel. The stainless steel insert is machine-milled for a consistent, flat surface that Odyssey says provides golfers an improved roll and a unique sound at impact.

Each model in the White Steel Putter line features a highlighted alignment strip atop the putterhead. All White Steel Putters come with an Odyssey Red Swirl grip from Winn.

The White Steel Putter line includes six models and will begin selling in October, 2004. The six models are:

• White Steel 2-Ball Putter, an extended mallet head with 2-Ball alignment ($215 MSRP)

• White Steel 2-Ball Blade, a more blade-like head with 2-Ball alignment ($215 MSRP)

• White Steel 2-Ball Center Shaft, 2-Ball alignment with a centered shaft ($215 MSRP)

• White Steel #1, a traditional heel-toe weighted blade design ($150 MSRP)

• White Steel #2, a scoop-back blade with full-shaft offset ($150 MSRP)

• White Steel #5, a face-balanced mallet with a double-bend, full-offset shaft ($150 MSRP)

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